Support Vegan Ranch

Support Group fundraiser for the upkeep of the animals at the Vegan Ranch.

We are hosting 34 dogs, about 50 cats, 10 chickens, 2 turkeys, a pig,2 lambs,a sheep and two horses at our home.
Being forced to move, about 4 months ago ( m = 6d036fd8) we are without a fixed income.we are living in a depressed area, where work is scarce and probably will be unlocked in the spring, but in the meantime, we need your financial support to feed and medicate them, because the dogs and the cats are elderly, sick, with behavioral problems.

The monthly charges are around 900 €.

€150 cat food
€ 60 Cat litter
€250 dog food
€ 300 horses, sheep and lambs hay and straw
€ 50 food for chickens, turkeys and the pig
€ 100 (approx) medical expenses, if all goes well …

We rely on your generosity to help us to keep them healthy and in best condition. a small monthly fee is enough to keep them serene.
We thank in advance all those who want to contribute generously to this great little cause! GO VEGAN!

via Paypal

Carmen Vasile

banco posta


IT 91 V 07601 01600 000036666063



for foreign valute(not euro)







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