Practical Issues for Animal Rights Activists

Practical FAQs
Actions You Can Take: Activism, Campaigns, Education, Politics, Religion, Shopping
Health and the Planet: Veg*nism; how, why.
Companion Animals: Care of, including urban wildlife
Hunting, Fishing, and Fur Trapping
Animals Used in Entertainment: Zoos, Circuses, Rodeo, Racing, Fighting
Factory Farms
Practical FAQs – Animal Rights FAQs #26-32 on practical issues, such as “Surely there are more pressing issues than animal rights?” and “What will happen to all the farm animals if we stop eating them?”

Yours To Do – Index

Activism: Things you can do alone, or in groups. Essays on activism. 10 Things You Can Do To Make The Next Century Better For Animals.

Education & communication: Teaching your children and other beginners about animal rights. Letter writing campaigns, ideas for effective communication. Promotional advertisements that may be copied.

Politics: Voting issues, Green Parties, Senators, candidates.

Religion: How they feel and actions they take with regard to animal rights.

Shopping: Cruel & Cruelty-Free corporations and charities.

Health– Index

Meat History — A Short Meat-Oriented History of the World from Eden to the Mattole, by Alexander Cockburn   Meat History — part 2 — part 3 — part 4
Beef Facts — The Beef Diet — startling health facts from a reknown doctor. Beef Quotable Quotes — health, the environment, hunger, and animal suffering. Articles: SARS: Another Deadly Virus From the Meat Industry by Michael Greger, M.D. Beyond Beef: Q&A about Beef.
Not Milk? — articles and web pages with information on milk.
Planet — Includes articles and facts from “Diet for a New America” by John Robbins.
Veg*nismVegetarian Links – Vegetarianism, Veganism, FAQs, and recipes
Raising a Healthy Vegan Family. Blog of Cage Hart, by Les.

Companion Animals and Urban Wildlife – Index

FAQs about companion animals, AR FAQs #75-76.

Pet Care — Diets, adoption, advise, funny bits, facts, essays.

Pet Loss — Rainbow Bridge. Finding lost pets. Euthanasia and pet loss.

Pet stories — Stories, quotes, information, miscellaneous.

Wildlife — Caring for and protecting urban wildlife.

Fishing, Hunting, Fur and Trapping – Index

FAQs about Hunting and Fishing, AR FAQs #60-68

Hunting – About the ethics of hunting and hunters.

Fishing – Do fish feel pain?, and reasons not to fish.

Fur and Trapping – Fur farms, anti-fur posters, articles.

Animals Used for Entertainment – Index

FAQs – on animals used for entertainment, AR FAQs #69-74

Circuses Zoos Racing — Horses, dogs   Rodeo

Dogfighting Cockfighting Bullfighting

Factory Farms – Index

FAQs – AR FAQs #48-59

Farming – General


Pigs_Sheep – about their lives

Cows – about their lives

Birds – about the lives of chickens, ducks, geese




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