animal testing – index


Section Topics
Anti-Vivisection Anti-vivisection articles, facts, essays, books, news items.
School Labs Articles, essays and facts about why dissection in school is unnecessary, and how to fight it
Lab Test FAQ Animal Rights FAQs (#77-86) regarding lab testing
Safer Medicines Video Video showing why the alternatives to animal testing are better
Testing FAQs From Europeans for Medical Progress
Experiment FAQs Animal Experimentation – FAQs. Answers link to
HLS & SHAC FAQ FAQs specifically about HLS
ban pound Ban Pound Seizures for Animal Testing — List of US States that allow it
news observer Time to move past animal experimental model Hans Ruesch Centre
Web site of Animal Experiment Facts Describes web site launched Dec. 2006 article/home/53306/ Subject: The trouble with animal models
gateway to hell



Stop Primate Research website
noanimaltesting Focused on the rights, wrongs, benefits and controversies of animal testing.
Expose Your ADRs Website database for victims of pharmaceutical companies to report their adverse drug reactions.
Resources and Links from Stop Animal Exploitation Now: Resources & Links, Facility Reports & Information.
Anti-Vivisection Video – Oct 08 Great short video on the scientific invalidity of vivisection.
Good Science – Bad Science & Human Cost of Testing Youtube videos
Videos Links to short videos showing animal testing.
Life in the lab Powerpoint presentation: Life in the lab
HLS Infiltrated and Exposed Yet Again Feb 2009: HLS Infiltrated and Exposed in Undercover Investigation
Huntington Life Sciences History of Abuse (US) Page with link to Youtube video
Death of One Mouse vid – “Death of One Mouse”
Acute_Toxicity.pdf Acute Toxicity Testing Without Animals: more scientific and less gamble.
Cruelty poster Animal Testing Poster for display
Jenna Ad Survivor’s Jenna Morasca Stars in New Ad for Dissection Alternatives.
Re-thinking the human-animal relationship – September 2009
New Study: Chimps in US Labs Suffer Trauma – September 2009
4.5 Million Animals to be Spared in the EU – September 2009
NAMBLA reminds me of�.Pro-Test – September 2009
Renal researchers faked data and got caught – August 2009
Essay on Animal Vivisector Jentsch – August 2009
Why I Take Animal Tested Drugs – July 2009
Will the Lab Rat Really Cure Cancer? – June 2009
Banville’s Response to Vivisection Apologist – June 2009
Jentsch Harms Both Animals and People – June 2009
The vivisectors are getting clobbered – again – May 2009
He No Longer Heard the Cries of the Animals or Saw the Flowing Blood – May 2009
Media Exposure of UCLA Pro-Vivisection Organizers – April 2009
New EPA Report Recommends Moving Away from Animal Testing
The scientist as high class hooker and gigolo – March 2009
Pound animals used for research – March 2009
UC Davis lab monkeys go insane, says watchdog – March 2009
National Institute of Health is Misleading Children – February 2009
LTE: Stop Animal Abuse at Yale
LTE: ‘U’ needs to re-evaluate training policy that harms animals
Committee on primate research criticised for ‘blind acceptance’ of experiments – January 2009
Clinical Trials: Unfavorable Results Often Go Unpublished – Jan. 09
Replace Animal Experiments – by John J. Pippin, cardiologist
Stanford Immunologist Calls For More Research On Humans, Not Mice – December 2008
End Cruel Experiments on Wild-Caught Bats – December 2008
Anti-Vivisection and Civil Liberties – December 2008
Why Vivisection Should Stop (2 articles) – December 2008
True Animal Testing Data – December 2008
Animal Testing Is Not Regulated – December 2008
Lab Animal Estimates – December 2008
Time for Full Access to Trial Protocols and Results – December 2008
Lab animals in the spotlight as research come under scrutiny – 11/08
Non-animal methodologies within biomedical research and toxicity testing – September 2008
Making a Killing (.pdf file)
Portrait of an Animal Researcher – September 2008
Beginning of end for Great Ape Experiments? – September 2008
Pain Experts say non-animal research could help people – Aug ’08
Fallacy of Animal Testing – Aug. ’08
No Need to Kill to Learn to Heal in Vet School – Aug. ’08
Chimps used for medical testing ‘show signs of torture’ – Aug. ’08
Doctor’s Opinion – Ban Chimpanzee Research – July 2008
When Horses Romp the Sun Also Shines – by David Irving, June 2008
The Day of the Bullies – by David Irving, June 2008
Would drugs be safe for us without first being tested on animals?
33 Reasons – 33 Reasons Animal Testing is Pointless.
The Monstrosity of Animal Exploitation – Thomas Paine
EU Animal Experiment Statistics – 2007
The Pain of Animal Experimentation – June 2008
Animal Testing Labels – June 2008
Testing on Rats – April 2008
Monkeys Writing Scientific Papers – April 2008
Animal Experiments Scrutinized – March 2008
10 Things Animal Exploiters Do Not Want You to Know – March 2008
Animal Testing Alternatives – Links to Sources – March 2008
Animal Testing: Why it is morally offensive – March 2008
Animal Testing is Cruel – LTE, Feb 08
Three U.S. agencies aim to end animal testing – Feb 08 – Feb 08, by Suki Falconberg. On the various ways in which rats are exploited and tortured and how she has acted to mitigate their suffering.
Monkey Boiled Alive in Everett, Wa Research Lab – Feb 08
Lab Rats, Science, and the Monsters We’ve All Become – Jan 08
http://www.the- scientist. com/blog/ display/54099/ – Jan 08. Drug companies should stop using a classic toxicity test, lethal dose 50 (LD50), to inform clinical trials, according to authors in an upcoming journal of Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology report.
BUAV brands food testing on animals a ‘hidden scandal’ – Jan 08
Website on Non-Animal Methods of Toxicity Testing – Dec 07
Experimenting on Chimpanzees – History
Top 10 Bizarre Experiments
Cancer studies ‘wasted millions’ – November 2007
Wasteful Testing – November 2007
Cancer Research – A Super Fraud? – November 2007
Do Animal Experiments Predict Human Responses? – October 2007
Professor: test more drugs on humans – October 2007
Flaws In Animal Testing – September 2007
Scientific Fraud – September 2007
Scientists’ Blinders Cost Human and Animal Lives
Holding Scientists Accountable
Search engine for alternative methods to animal experiments – September 2007
Judicial Review shines light on Government negligence over animal ‘protection’ laws – UK, July 2007
Mice Blind Reality – July 2007
14th Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing – July 2007
Human skin to replace animal tests – July 2007
What’s wrong with animal experiments? – June 2007
How the FDA is Becoming a Drug Company – June 2007
Testing Chemicals on Animals Too Costly: Report – June 2007
Bad Science – an example
Review of Animal Experimentation
Laboratory Animal Use Figures for US, EU, UK – May 2007
Three Million Animals in Britain’s Labs – April 2007
Cruelty Free Research – April 2007
Monkey Horror – April 2007
Professor Stops Animal Testing – April 2007
Macaques May Have Plenty to Say About Us – April 2007
Confirmed: Your Daughter Is Merck’s Guinea Pig – March 2007
Jane Goodall Condemns Animal Testing – March 2007
Review raises questions about drug studies on rats – Dec. 2006
Weatherall Report on Primate Research a Charade – Dec. 2006
Science critical of animal testing – Dec. 2006
Mad Science Awards – Nov. 2006. Special diplomas to researchers across the UK involved in “grotesque and pointless” research on animals.
Why Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Injure and Kill? – October 2006
A Chimpanzee’s Life – 52 years in a lab
Routine Agony in Labs – The Routine Agony of Neglected Animals in Laboratories
Animal Research Transparency – Transparency and Animal Research Regulation: An Australian Case Study
CAAT Leading the Way – to alternative testing
Factory Farming Monkeys – October 2006. Video.
Research to Cut Animal Testing — October 2006
Sharon Howe – Animal Testing — July 2006. It’s both cruel and unnecessary.
Does Testing Work? —  June 2006. The problems with animal testing.
Real HLS –The real ‘life-saving’ research going inside of HLS.
Exploiters — Two companies who unnecessarily exploit animals.
Pro-Test Debate — May 2006. Why Pro-Test Can’t Win a Fair Debate.
AVMA Priorities — May 3, 2006. American Veterinary Medical Association asked to prioritize what is more important: Animal welfare or money?
Coma From Drugs — March 2006. Nothing Unusual About Animal Tests. 2 Men Remain in Coma From British Drugs.
6SickAfterDrugTrials — March 2006. Six taken ill after drug trials.
Drug Not Tested — March 2006. Drug Firm “Had Not Tested on Humans Before”.
50 Consequences — Harms to Humans from Animal Experimentation, 50 Deadly Consequences.
Whistle-blowing — March 2006. The current system fails to address one critical flaw.
Question Research — Research should be questioned, by Ritchie Laymon
Testing – Letters – Jan. 2006. Letters to the Editor. Sacrificing Animals to Benefit Humans.
Testing ’06 — January 2006. While the debate rages on, lab rats are still suffering. THE GREEN GODDESS.
Software 4 Tests — January 2006. Computer software can cut drug tests on animals.
Anim Tests Don’t Work — Dec 2005. Scientist: Animal tests don’t work.
Redundant Tests — Nov 2005. Primate research centers — including UW’s — accused of conducting redundant research.
EU & testing — Nov 2005. EU, industries want to end animal testing.
Tests Harm Man — Oct 2005. Wasted Money Harms Science and Mankind.
Animal Tests False — Oct 2005. Animal tests yield misleading results.
Human Guinea Pigs — Dec. 2005. Could animal testing become redundant? Scientists believe technology has answer.
Beyond Testing — Sept 2005. Beyond Animal Research, by Jonathan Balcombe, Ph.D.
Animal Welfare — Oct 2005. What Does Animal Welfare Really Mean?by Robert Bass, Ph.D.
Price of Experiments — Aug 2005. The High Price of Animal Experimentation by Robert Bass, Ph.D.
CU Hiding Tests — A Hidden World Working behind a self-imposed, legally debatable cloak of secrecy, CU’s Health Sciences Center withholds from the public virtually all information about its animal-research programs.
Lab Life — Aug 10, 2005. Science: Life in the Lab Can Be Cruel, by Francesca Colombo.
Anim Test Myths — April 2005. It’s a myth that animal testing leads to human cures.
Laws not Enforced — February 2005. Secret documents reveal that laws to protect lab animals are not being enforced.
Monkey Terror — Lab monkeys ‘scream with fear’ in tests, by Sandra Laville.
New Scientist — Dying so we might live. Protesters are up in arms over experiments that give chimps AIDS. — The National Primate Research Exhibition Hall.
Scien Amer — Trends in Animal Research. Article in Scientific American.
Vioxx Lessons — Lesson of Vioxx: Animal tests aren’t enough by John J. Pippin, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.
Misled on COX-2 — Animal Experiments Misled Scientists on COX-2 Drugs.
New Findings — New findings about animal experiments.
Scientists on Testing — Aug 8, 2005. Medical Journal: Animal tests in birth defects.
Billions on Research — Annual US tax-dollars spent.
Xenografts — Xenografts and Animal Rights by Gary L. Francione.
Shrew vomit — vomiting ferrets and vomiting shrews — a scientific debate

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