The SHAC campaign is all about action. Action is everything. Words and tears mean nothing to the animals trapped in their cages inside HLS waiting to die. They deserve nothing less than our utmost commitment to take action every day to close down the lab that holds them captive and slowly kills them.

Taking action is coming on demonstrations, writing letters, making phone calls, sending emails or faxes, telling other people about the campaign, distributing leaflets, fundraising, putting up posters and stickers. Action is whatever you can do to close down the hell-hole that is Huntingdon Life Sciences. We all have our part to play and we can all take effective action to close HLS down.

The campaign to close Huntingdon Life Sciences involves thousands of caring people all across the world. Like you they are disgusted by HLS and their evil activities and are prepared to take action to close them down. All of us fighting for the animals are a powerful force, so get involved, get active and do your bit to close down HLS. Please read the information below and follow the links below to help you become active for the animals. If you are unsure or don’t understand anything on this website or to do with the campaign then you can always ring or email us at any time as we are here seven days a week.

Phone call protesting is a very effective campaigning tactic. All you have to do is make a quick phone call to the companies supporting HLS and ask them to justify their involvement in animal cruelty and scientific fraud. You have every right to call Huntingdon and their customers and suppliers and question them about their obscene practices.

If you are at all concerned about companies like HLS being able to find out who you are, then it is better to make calls from a public phone box using the preset 141 before every number you call to protect your privacy. This does not mean we are encouraging you to make a different sort of phone call than you would from home, but we know some people wish to remain anonymous for instance because of their job.

Never underestimate how important these calls are. Many companies that have dealt with Huntingdon have ditched them due to the calls they have received from members of the public voicing their concerns and talking to their staff. Every single call counts.

For a list of important phone numbers and email addresses then please visit our customers,suppliers and financial supporters sub-sites.

Emails are also an important way you can take action for the animals. You can subscribe to the email action alert list on the website. It is free to join and keeps you up to date with the best phone numbers and email addresses to use. If you wish to preserve your privacy use a local library or internet cafe.

You can subscribe to the email action alerts by clicking here

Please note that SHAC does not encourage repetitive, rude or threatening phone calls and emails. Please make your point politely.

There are SHAC demos happening across the world every day. The aim of the campaign from the start has been to undermine and destroy Huntingdon’s financial base. This has been massively successful resulting in the government having to rescue Huntingdon from imminent closure several times already. There are local groups across the globe campaigning against HLS. To find your local group, click here.

Demonstrations can be anything from 1,000 people marching round Cambridge city centre to one person putting stickers up – the point is THEY ALL COUNT. If you are new to SHAC please remember that we all went on our first demonstration once. On demonstrations you are surrounded by like-minded people all with the common aim of shutting down the disgusting Huntingdon Life Sciences. Everyone is very friendly and will make you feel welcome.

The main focuses of the campaign are the financial, and customer campaigns. To view a list of all the companies currently being targetted in the financial campaign, click here, and for the customer campaign please click here.

Alongside the customer campaign is the smaller suppliers campaign that targets any company that supplies the hellhole that is Huntingdon Life Sciences. To view the suppliers currently being targetted please click here.

SHAC produces a quarterly campaign newsletter to keep activists up to date and informed. You can download these from the website by clicking here.

You can also view a list a demo dates by clicking here.

Leaflets, posters, stickers etc are available from the campaign and most are free. If you would like to order merchandise to get active then please click here.

The campaign cannot operate without funding from the general public. Pound for pound the campaign is one of the most effective ever and you can rest assured that every pound you donate goes towards closing Huntingdon.

You can raise money in a whole variety of ways from car boot sales, benefit gigs, bake sales, to sponsored events.

If you would like to donate money you can send a cheque or postal order made payable to SHAC and send it to

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty
89 Bush Road
East Peckham
TN12 5LJ

You can also pay monthly with a standing order form – either ask us for one by post, or You can download the standing order form by clicking here.

SHAC would like to thank all our supporters for their financial contributions and standing orders. You free up activists to get on with all the other work behind the scenes that is essential in our war against the animal killers. Thank you for your wonderful support…



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