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New Study: Cats are Perfect!

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Cat fanciers know the drill: Cats are perfect. They pose with precision as if arranged by a stylist, they clean themselves with languid but exact precision, and they scheme smart, sly scenarios with perfect nonchalance. They are also the poster pet for grace and elegance. They seem to defy gravity, as well as reason, with their exquisite balance–they are phenoms in the physics department. This we know. But until recently it wasn’t known that this perfection is evident all the way down to the way in which they lap liquids.

Researchers at MIT, Virginia Tech and Princeton University analyzed the way domestic and big cats drink and found that felines of all sizes take advantage of a perfect balance between two physical forces. The results were recently published in the online issue of the journal Science.

It had been known that when cats drink, they stick their tongues straight down toward the liquid with the tip of the tongue curled backwards to form a scoop, so that the top part of the tongue touches the liquid first. The new research reveals that the top surface of the cat’s tongue is the only surface to touch the liquid. Cats, unlike dogs, aren’t using their tongues like spoons after all. Instead, the cat’s lapping mechanism is much more subtle and elegant. (But don’t tell that to the cats.) The researchers observed that the smooth tip of the tongue barely brushes the surface of the liquid before the cat rapidly draws its tongue back up. As it does so, a column of milk forms between the moving tongue and the liquid’s surface. The cat then closes its mouth, pinching off the top of the column for a nice drink, while keeping its chin dry. Of course, none of that unsightly milk on the chin.

And here’s where the cat’s innate sense of physics comes into play. The liquid column is created by a subtle and perfect balance between gravity, which pulls the liquid back to the bowl, and inertia, which in physics means the tendency of the liquid to continue moving in a direction unless another force interferes. The cat instinctively knows just how quickly to lap in order to balance these two forces, and just when to close its mouth. If it waits another fraction of a second, the force of gravity will overtake inertia, causing the column to break, the liquid to fall back into the bowl, and the cat’s tongue to come up empty.

Knowing the size and speed of the tongue of various cats they studied, the researchers then developed a mathematical model involving the Froude number, a dimensionless number that characterizes the ratio between gravity and inertia. For cats of all sizes, that number is almost exactly one, indicating a perfect balance!

So the next time your puss is looking smug on the couch, just remember, she is a pretty perfectly purring machine after all.


5 Pet Myths Debunked by Oprah’s Vet

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Try cauliflower, baby carrots, and even apple pieces as healthy dog treats.

RODALE NEWS, EMMAUS, PA—As if the massive egg recall isn’t rotten enough, Salmonella may also be lurking in the treats of man’s best friend, prompting a recall of more than 75,000 packages of Hartz dog treats.

All this may have you thinking a bit more about not only what is on your plate, but what’s in your dog’s bowl, too. So invited Shelly Rubin, VMD, director emeritus of Blum Animal Hospital in Chicago, and past president of the Illinois State Veterinary Association, to debunk common pet myths so we can keep our furry friends safe. (Rubin also served as veterinarian to Oprah’s dogs for 15 years!)

• Myth #1—Table scraps are good for dogs.

The reality: With the dog treat recall and past dog food scandals, such as the melamine-tainted food that killed thousands of pets in 2007, it might seem like people food could be a better choice for your animal companions. But Dr. Rubin warns of going there, because our animals’ health improves when they receive a consistent source of fat, protein, and carbohydrates—which isn’t how human diets generally work. He recommends a high-quality, natural food, such as the Wellness and Holistic Selectbrands. Organix is a high-quality pet-food line that’s certified organic.

Dr. Rubin also emphasizes feeding your dog appropriate portions of a high-quality food twice a day, as opposed to letting food sit out in a bowl all day. And forget doling out excess treats—the majority of America’s pets are already obese. “Show love with petting and attention rather than feeding them,” says Dr. Rubin. Healthy dog treats include baby carrots, cauliflower, cut-up apple pieces, lettuce, pear pieces and even watermelon (just don’t give them seeds, and avoid stringy produce that could cause digestive distress and get stuck in their teeth). And never feed dogs grapes and raisins because they often cause renal failure in dogs. (Avocado pits are also extremely toxic to dogs.)

• Myth #2—Cats need milk.

The reality: While many of us can conjure up a cute image of a cat lapping a bowl of milk, resist the temptation to offer this in real life. Cats and dogs don’t have the ability to appropriately break down lactose in milk, and drinking it can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and other issues. To make sure your cat is hydrated properly, invest in a cat water fountain; the animals are naturally drawn to moving water. (That’s why they’re often found lapping up water beneath a leaky faucet.)

• Myth #3—A warm nose means your dog is sick.

The reality: If you want to figure out if your dog’s ill, look for signs of lethargy, loss of appetite, coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, and other signs of distress. If a dog’s nose is cool, it may have just had a drink of water. If it’s warm, they may have been out in the sun. You can also feel the dog’s head with your hand—although, a dog’s normal temperature is 101 to 101.5, so it will feel slightly warm to a human.

• Myth #4—Cats always land on their feet.

The reality: We wish this were true, but Dr. Rubin says he’s seen too many instances of high-rise syndrome, in which cats hanging out by windows accidentally fall out when a passing bug or bird steals their attention. Install a window bay, or a cat condo, and keep the window closed. And keep your cat healthily occupied in other ways, too. Dr. Rubin suggests a daily exercise routine in which the cat chases a toy on a string or a laser light on the wall. During the day, you can put a few pieces of cat food in a feed-and-treat ball and hide it, which will stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts.

• Myth #5—It’s OK to kiss your dog.

The reality: “A dog’s general mouth bacteria may be OK for us, but where the dog’s tongue has been, it’s not a clean environment,” says Dr. Rubin. (Think butt-licking, poop-sniffing encounters in the dog park, and such.) In fact, you can actually come down with salmonella poisoning after receiving a dog lick to the face!

While this may not deter everyone from face time with their loyal companion, people with weak immune systems, such as people living with HIV or undergoing chemotherapy, should refrain from getting schlecked on the face.

While dogs are inherently prone to licking gross things, there are some things you can do as a pet owner to keep your pet’s mouth as clean and free of dental disease as possible. The gold standard is brushing your dog’s teeth. (NEVER use human toothpaste, though; it could contain xylitol, a substance that causes a precipitous drop in blood sugar, leading to hypoglycemia and possibly death in dogs. Always use toothpaste designed for your pet.)

Some dogs, such as golden retrievers and labs, could benefit from rope bones. As they cart the rope with knotted ends around like a bone in their mouth, it can actually mechanically clean teeth to a certain extent. The right-size ridged Kong toy can do the same.


i need your help

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mi occupo di animali da sempre.faccio la gattara,raccolgo cani abbandonati o non piu’ voluti,cerco di aiutare o salvare qualsiasi vita mi capita,o mi viene richiesto.collaboro con la ASL per le catture e le degenze dei gatti randagi,con il comune quando capita,o con chiunque mi chiede una mano a salvare o sistemare cani e gatti.risultato della mia “attivita'” è che mi ritrovo con la casa piena di animali,che purtroppo non si possono affidare:cani anziani ciechi,zoppi,malati,con la leishmaniosi,etc.i gatti arrivano dalle cologne e chi di gatti se nè intende lo sa che sono quasi tutti malati di fiv,felv e fip.quindi quelli che potevo affidare,ho affidato.comunque il numero in entrata e sempre maggiore a quello in uscita,se si vogliono affidare questo momento ho 25 cani e una trentina di gatti!un lavoro enorme che chiede dedizione,tempo,e tanto tanto seguito a una segnalazione dei vicini,che chiaramente non la pensano come me,sono usciti i vigili e i veterinari della asl,che mi hanno deto che dal 2008 esiste una legge che permette 10 animali per abitazione.i cani sono tutti regolarmente microchippati  ed inscritti all’anagrafe decisione che verra’ presa in seguito,sara’ di portare via i cani ed i gatti(a spese comunali!!!)presso il canile sanitario,dove io ho lavorato e da dove ho ritirato una serie di animali per mancanza di cure anni fa.mi sono rivolta al comune durante questi anni per avere un pezzo di terra dove poter costruire un rifuggio,ma in Brianza la terra “costa troppo”.ora la terra l’ho trovato,ma non mi permettono di utilizzarla per tutta una serie di leggi”umane”(cioè fatte dagli uomini,non dalla madre natura).la mia domanda è:invece di portate via gli animali ,spendendo piu’ di 1000euro al mese),lasciate questi animali sotto la mia custodia(certi sono qui da piu’ di 10 anni) e dattemi il permesso di andare a vivere su questo terreno agricolo(2000mq).in primo luogo perché gli animali morirebbero tutti in canile,secondo,io anche per crepacuore….non chiedo soldi,non chiedo stallo per i miei animali,chiedo solo il vostro appoggio con le firme!grazie!

I deal with animals since ever.i’m a the cat lady, I collect abandoned dogs or not wanted any longer, try to help or save any life I can, or I am being asked to.collaborate with the ASL(sanitary service4 animals) for the capture and inpatient treatment of stray cats, with the municipality when it happens, or anyone asks me a hand to save or fix dogs and cats.risult of my “activity ‘” is that I find myself with a house full of animals, which unfortunately we can not entrust. dogs elderly blind, the lame , patients with leishmaniasis, etc. cats arriving from colony, and who knows about cats ,know that almost all the stray cats got FIV, FeLV and the ones I could rely, I did.anyway the number of incoming is always bigger than the number of the ones you give away, if you want to entrust them decently. in this moment I have 25 dogs and thirty cats! an enormous task that calls for dedication, time, and so,so much love.
in following of a report of the neighbors, who unfortunatly do not think like me, have come the police and veterinary ASL.from 2008 there is a law that allows 10 animal for every dogs are all regularly microchipped and inscribed. a decision to be ‘taken would then be ‘take away dogs and cats (at the expense of the municipalityl!) at the kennel health, where I worked and from where I collected a number of animals for lack of care , years ago.
i have asked to the municipality during these years to have a piece of land where i could build a refuge, but the land in Brianza “costs too much.” Now I found it, but do not allow me to use it for a whole series of “human”laws ( made by man, not by Mother Nature).
my question is: instead of carrying away the animals, spending most ‘of 1000EUR per month), let the animals under my care (some have been here for more’ than 10 years) and allow me to go to live on this agricultural land (2000 square meters). primarily because the animals will die in the kennel and second, even i,for, broken heart ….
I am not asking money, do not ask for stall for my animals , I ask Only your support with the signatures! thanks!

21 Reasons to Hug Your Dog and Cat Extra Hard Today … Plus, Share Your Loving Pet Thoughts!

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The holidays are here and there’s good reason to save a helping of turkey for your furry family members too. After all, pets bring a level of unconditional love to our homes that can be hard to match.

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In honor of the love and joy a pet brings to your life, we’ve compiled 21 top reasons to be grateful for your dog and cat. Amidst tomorrow’s turkey and Friday’s mad shopping sprees, take a moment to cuddle your kitty and pet your pooch … and please take a moment to TELL US why your pet is so special to you.

At the end of the article there’s a box meant for you, to share the funny moments, the endearing traits and any other reasons why your pet means so much. We’ll be featuring a selection of responses in an upcoming newsletter, so please do share your favorite pet moments with us.

Top 21 Reasons Why You Should Love on Your Pet Today

  1. He loves you no matter what.
  1. She never holds a grudge, even if you get up late to feed her.
  1. You can make her day just by coming home from work.
  1. Kids who have a cat or dog in the home during their first years of life are less likely to develop hay fever, asthma and animal-related allergies than those who don’t.
  1. He knows when you’re feeling sad or mad, and will sit by your side to cheer you up.
  1. She’s never stingy with her kisses.
  1. He’s never judgmental and loves you just the way you are.
  1. Pet owners make 15-20 percent fewer annual visits to the doctor than non pet-owners (according to research presented at the 10th International Conference on Human Animal Interaction in October 2004).
  1. She’s cute, soft and cuddly — perfect for hugging.
  1. People with pets tend to have a speedier, easier recovery after illness or surgery.
  1. He looks at you in a way that can melt your heart … even if he’s been naughty.
  1. She makes you laugh and smile when sometimes no one else can.
  1. People who have had a heart attack survive longer with a pet than without.
  1. Among 48 stockbrokers with high blood pressure, those who owned a cat or dog had lower blood pressure readings in stressful situations than those without.
  1. Your stress levels drop when you’re around him or her.
  1. Having a pet can raise your levels of self-esteem.
  1. She’s easy to please and (almost) always loves her birthday and holiday presents.
  1. Pet owners have improved exercise habits.
  1. She makes a good “heater” under the covers.
  1. Children with pets who are slow learners, or whose parents had divorced, had higher levels of self-esteem and better emotional functioning than those with no pet.
  1. He or she might not be there tomorrow.

Most pet owners will agree wholeheartedly that pets give back much more than they receive in the form of companionship and love.

If you’d like to return the love and give your pet the longest, happiest, healthiest life possible, highly recommends visiting now to view their unique line of all-natural pet products to enhance the health and well-being of your furry little ones.