Fuck With Vivisectors From Home – A Mini-Guide

by Anonymous

Dear animal rights supporter,

Since most of us don’t want to get involved in potentially incriminating activities, the following mini-guide will teach you -if you think you still haven’t paid your share of activism- how to screw a researcher’s life without ever having to leave the comfort of your home. You will learn how to disturb them; render their mailbox and email useless; possibly freeze their web accounts; and cease their blog’s income if applicable — all done anonymously. In one attack type, within a short period of time you will be able to automate the process against a number of targets, and sit back to watch as their business crumbles due to communication failure.

Note that any of the attacks could be applied to both individuals and organizations. Try to avoid insignificant targets (Kentucky cashiers) and head for top ones (a head of some lab or university department) who’ll whine to the media about how difficult their life is becoming, thus actually helping us. Defiant activists are not only bothering, but even scaring the savages: http://newsroom.ucla.edu/portal/ucla/supporters-of-biomedical-research-89486.aspx

Interested? Good. Read on.

First of all, realize that you need a series of trusted proxies to perform all activities. I use and recommend Tor https://www.torProject.org . But for a quick albeit less secure alternative, you can use web-based proxies:

Https (encrypted) proxies:

https://www.proxyweb.net & https://www.bypassfiltering.com (good privacy policy)

https://ctunnel.com & https://youtubeproxy.org (no or bad privacy policy)

https://tor-proxy.net (you can access the Tor network from here without installing anything)

Http (unencrypted) proxies:

http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html & http://www.guardster.com/subscription/proxy_free.php (good privacy policy)

Chaining https & http proxies (for example by connecting to proxyweb first, then to anonymouse through it) is also a good tactic to ensure that your ISP can’t monitor your activities and that the remote server will not see the proxy you’re directly using, but it might sometimes break java applications. Because web-proxies are less secure since you need to trust their privacy policy and can’t block your browser connecting directly to the target site during their use, you might want to consider Tor.

If you decide to use Tor, make sure to use an encrypted proxy before connecting to the final destination site since Tor’s “exit node” can read your traffic and would also have their IPs exposed. We don’t want to cause problems to Tor volunteers nor have them cause us problems. Professional proxy sites, on the other hand, are probably accustomed to abuse complaints anyway and usually earn compensation through ads or premium accounts. Combining both worlds, therefore, is a perfect solution for both etiquette and safety.

Know that there’s always a chance, though a slim one, that a vulnerability in encryption or timing attacks might put you in danger. Blocking your browser from saving history and cache; blocking your browser from connecting directly to the internet when using Tor (through a firewall); permanently erasing java and cookie remains with CCleaner or similar free programs; and having other people using the same IP or utilizing a wireless network (which you can claim got hacked by a neighbor or someone in a parked car outside) can help in these very unlikely cases.

Now without further ado, here are the methods.

Practical Issues > Things To Do > Activism > Army of 1

1. Prank calls on home; office; and cell phone:

You already know how annoying telemarketing calls can be, the ones preventing you from enjoying your food or watching a good movie without somebody ringing. Now imagine a whole lot of that, with a creative unpleasant message to hear every time. Top (or shall we say bottom?) doctors probably need to frequently answer numbers they don’t know. A couple of weeks with their phones constantly ringing and them complaining to their friends and colleagues (yes, they’ll help us a lot by spreading the word) will definitely make their career less popular, and create incentives for alternative research means.

Here are some sites which offer free calls from your browser plus extras. If you need to use a fake email for registration, you can use 10minuteMail.com or sign up for a fastMail account dedicated to junk. I didn’t try them all.

phoneMyPhone.com & wheresmycellphone.com (just rings the given number, no message could be delivered. Especially nice after midnight)

www.phonetrick.com , www.getmooh.com , www.prankdialer.com , www.prankdial.com & www.monkeydoo.com/onlineflash_thering2.php (choose/type a message and a computer delivers it by phone. Phonetrick lets you pick the # to appear on caller ID)

monkeydoo.com/eviloperator.php (you supply two numbers; have them call each other; and it records the phone call for you. This way you can offend two vivisectors with one click). Jajah.com could be used almost in the same way although it’s not even a prank site, you want to put one of the targets’ # as yours.

Here’s also a list of UNTESTED free-calls-from-browser sites recommended by several tech blogs. You can probably find more:

voipbuster, ooVoo, iCall, Click2Voice, dukaDial, FreeRinger, Evaphone, PokeTalk, Flaphone & jaxtr.

Now if you don’t want you to be using your own voice to deliver the thank-you note, use computer generated words. Here are some Text-to-speech sites:





If you’re a programmer, you might be able to develop a script or macro which dials a set of numbers using several sites automatically, and leave it on autopilot for a few days. I didn’t include the free SMS sites as they’re not as annoying as calls. If auto-sent in bulk, however, they will make it difficult for the victim to find their real SMS, which brings us to the next section…

2. Automated spamming for cell phone, home phone, mailbox, and email:

Tired of prank calls? Want something which goes on by itself without you having to run it every time? Here’s a recipe: Google the words “subscribe to OR now”, “newsletter”, “fill the form”, or “sign up”. Now put our dear lab or doctor’s phone #, home/work address, and email in every single brochure; offer; trial; sample request; and in short SPAM SOURCE you find. This was done to a spam king when his house address was disclosed after an interview, and the poor guy’s mail got lost in tons of junk mail which hoards of angry “fans” got him subscribed to.

There are several automated-form-filler addons for Firefox like FireForm which makes it easy to fill blanks such as “Name”, “Address”, etc without having to manually type or paste every time you fill one. In a couple of hours, our humanity-saving hero would be subscribed to tens of services ranging from gun catalogs to lingerie discounts, constantly bombarding his mail, email, and calling his home and cell phone. Good luck contacting everyone of them and asking them to stop, before they sell his information to even more companies. Hint: Keep the subscriptions’ direct URLs so you could easily share them with friends or fill them out for the next target later without having to search for them again, or simply subscribe to several targets from the first time (FireForm addon, for instance, allows for multiple profiles).

If the target is significant, consider syncing efforts with a comrade you trust. Two or three people focusing on one person or lab should have a devastating effect. Other than subscribing to PETA news letter and a couple of gay-site updates, consider posting his email on some popular forums so spam bots would find it as a bonus. Have those Nigerian scammers do something useful for a change. You could also do the same for a dummy email account you set up to get an idea about how much spam the target would be receiving and pat yourself on the back as it piles to 200+ daily messages.

If you can’t find his phone # or address through Google, try Zabasearch, Pipl, 123people, or Yoname. Essential stalker toolkit. An encrypted and privacy-conscience search engine is https://ssl.scroogle.org, which displays results from google.

3. Temporarily shutting an account:

Go to mail2web.com (or his webmail/social service/blog/webmaster) and try to log onto his account a dozen times or so. Some systems would detect a hacking attempt and shut the account for a few hours, displaying a message that you can’t log on anymore for X amount of time. Continuously doing this (for example every 12 hours) will prevent him from accessing that account. Note that this isn’t popular as it once used to be. If you try it with gmail for example, it will ask for a captcha instead of freezing the account. When implemented, can be extremely annoying though.

4. Shutting down his adsense account:

Although this scenario is unlikely for a prominent scientist, it is definitely effective against pro-animal abuse websites: If the blog has adsense, clicking on the ads continuously (the number of required clicks is a secret kept by Google, naturally, but perhaps around 50-100 times or so) will shut down the account for suspected fraud. To see if it worked, revisit the page a couple of days later and see whether the adsense ads are still there. The owner would most probably also lose all already earned money in his account. You don’t want to do this to your ex, by the way.

On a separate but relevant note, you can send snail mail through your browser (albeit not necessarily anonymously) to our animal-activist prisoners through this website without having to buy a stamp or print a letter.

http://freepostit.com/Home.aspx & esnailer.com (esnailer is apparently only for US. It seems down as I write this but might get back up)

If you think this short guide can be of use to any of your friends, you can email it anonymously using two or more services to ensure delivery. Examples include:

http://anonymouse.org/anonemail.htm (not encrypted but did work when tested)

https://www.novo-ordo.com/mmif.php (remailer)

https://www.nospm.org (no privacy policy found, use caution. Better yet, use proxy)

Also ideal for anonymous thank-you notes for researchers.

If your friend has PGP:

http://www.websecureemail.com & www.hanewin.net/encrypt/PGcrypt.htm encrypt PGP online (warning: No https. So at least one encrypted proxy is a must)

Other potentially useful email services:

https://www.stealthmessage.com & https://www.hushmail.com (Requires registration)

https://lockbin.com (your friend must know an agreed-upon password beforehand)

Also spreading the guide among activists, for instance by putting it on your site with “A crazy guy just sent me this. This is sooo wrong” note is highly recommended. Most supporters are activist-wannabees and providing them with the tools to do so without risk could lead to tremendous effects: One dedicated person working on a weekend could virtually ruin all communication means (phone, mail, & email) of several prominent vivisectors and/or labs. Also posting the guide on your site is the only way to make me know you liked it (if you did, that is), as you can’t reply back directly. Yeah I know, sorry.

Thanks for reading. And good luck on your whatever you’re doing.



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