Man Sets Himself on Fire at Portland Fur Store

Serious news.

A man set himself on fire Wednesday outside Ungar Furs in Portland, Oregon. After dousing himself with gasoline, he attempted to enter the store, shouting “There are animals dying! Animals dying!” After police extinguished the flames, he was taken to Legacy Emanuel Hospital where he later died.

The man was identified as 26-year-old Daniel Shaull from Kansas. Among the local activists I have spoken to, none are familiar with Shaull by name, nor recognized him as being a part of the active, long-running campaign against Ungar Furs. Yet the location and witness reports strongly indicate this man sacrificed himself to bring attention to the horrific treatment of animals on fur farms.

A news report, which aired prior to Shaull being announced  dead, can be viewed here.

Ungar Furs is a retail fur store in Portland which has been the target of a prolific campaign by local activists. Ungar became a target after frequent protests successfully closed another Portland fur store, Schumacher Furs. The owners of Schumacher Furs gave animal rights activists full credit for shutting them down in 2007.

Amidst a range of speculation, I think it is important to assume this is a genuine action by a person driven to make the ultimate sacrifice by the severity of animal suffering. When every legal channel to affect change is closed, people will increasingly be driven to actions which bring both attention to the plight of animals, and a disruptive effect to those who kill them.

Shaull is not the first to give his life in the U.S. animal liberation struggle. This is a time to remember William Rodgers, who took his life in an Arizona jail in 2005 while being held for numerous Animal Liberation Front actions. It is also a time to remember Alex Slack, who took his life while awaiting trial for the  A.L.F. bombing of the Utah Fur Breeder’s Agricultural Cooperative in 1999.

If anyone knows Daniel Shaull, please contact Voice of the Voiceless, so that we can make the full story of this action known.

To those who claim the animal rights movement is “violent”, this action should be yet another reminder that every casualty to date has fallen on our side. Daniel Shaull is just the latest victim.

“If this is what the world has made of us, then let it live with the consequences”.

-Peter Young



4 Responses to “Man Sets Himself on Fire at Portland Fur Store”

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  2. Karen Fabregas Says:

    WOW! If it takes something this drastic to actually make peiple listen that is very sad this guy was only 26 obviously he felt so horrible inside that he needed to express himself in such a horrific manner i feel so sad for his anquish he must have felt . I have deep anquish myself for the animals who suffer but i am a survivor and i will help to put an end to this inhumane treatment that is wrong on so many levels and i will do this by petions and whatever other means within the law. FREEDOM in this World is much desired and i plan to help in freedom for all animals freedom from pain and inhuman, nonethica treatment. l

  3. carmen4thepets Says:

    thank you!let me know!

  4. That is a pretty big if there Karen.
    Any connection to ”FUR” may be entirely coincidental. The guy may not have even known he was standing outside a fur shop and even if he did know, he may as well have picked a Safeway. The business of adjacent shops will remain irrelevant to the vast majority of the relatively small number of people who will ever know this event took place.
    I am quite sure his suffering won exactly zero hearts or minds for your cause.
    My sympathies go out to the (ex)man and his family and anyone who had to witness this horrible spectacle or its aftereffects…. not for any incidentally connected minks , vicunas and what not.

    PS What is a vicuna anyway ? Llama? Goat ? Loat ?

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