[WAR] Isaac Peter is Out of Jail – Thanks to all Who Made Calls


Thanks to everyone who phoned
the precinct in the last 24 hours

Thanks to everyone who called on behalf of arrested activist, Isaac Peter.  Isaac is visiting NYC and this was his first New York protest. He was arrested, charged with disorderly conduct, held overnight and arraigned in criminal court this morning.  Isaac will be looking for an attorney to answer some questions for him and to possibly represent him at his next court date.  If anyone is interested, please contact WAR and we will put you in touch with Isaac.

It has been over 3 years since anyone has been arrested at a WAR protest in New York City.  Yesterdays events were shocking and difficult to understand since the event at the ASPCA was a silent demonstration and not in the least bit confrontational.
Feel free to continue to contact the 19th Precinct to voice your concerns about the events surrounding the arrest of an activist who did nothing wrong.

Let them know that:

  • protesters are not terrorists
  • activists deserve to be treated with dignity and respect
  • activists in America have the right to free speech and assembly
  • demeaning an activist, saying he is wasting his time and should be out rescuing animals is inappropriate
  • misleading and misdirecting outside callers about the disposition of a prisoner is bad business
  • police should remain professional and neutral at demonstrations and should not misuse their power

Contact information:

Inspector James W. Murtagh
NYPD – 19th Precinct

153 East 67th Street,
New York, NY, 10065

Precinct: (212) 452-0600

Community Affairs: (212) 452-0613 (leave a voice mail message)

For more info contact Win Animal Rights at: centcom@war-online.org
Call: 646.267.9934 or visit the WAR website at: http://war-online.org


2 Responses to “[WAR] Isaac Peter is Out of Jail – Thanks to all Who Made Calls”

  1. How common is it for an inmate to have records across multiple states?

  2. A friend of mine has a web site that is devoted to educating the public about puppy mills. I found your site and appreciate what you are doing. Too many individuals don’t get how much animal cruelty is going on nowadays. Thanks for helping the movement.

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