Jason Miller arrested, support needed.

Jason Miller arrested, support needed.

I am posting this on behalf of my dear friend and fellow director of the Global Anti-Hunting Coalition (GAHC) Jason Miller, who was arrested yesterday. My thanks to Carolyn Szczepanski, whose article below states only fact and showed journalistic objectivity.

“We entered the building quietly and respectfully, sat through a public hearing on local matters without as much as a whisper, waited patiently in the hallway during which time we had a cordial though brief conversation with an official and exchanged greetings with a guard.  When asked, Jason did say that his purpose in the building was to introduce me to the park officials.  At no point were we asked to leave.  In fact, I found the personnel congenial and accommodating.”

Anthony Damiano

Animal rights activist Jason Miller arrested

By Carolyn Szczepanski in Follow That Story

Whether dousing himself in cow blood or trying to block traffic, Jason Miller‘s campaign to save the deer in Shawnee Mission Park has often been met with law enforcement

Most notably, in late October, Miller visited the home of Michael Meadors, director of the Johnson County Park and Recreation District, to deliver a protest letter regarding the impending deer harvest.

Meadors didn’t take well to the personal visit and, after filing a report with Olathe Police Department, got a restraining order against Miller.

Fast forward to December 8. That week, Canadian animal rights activist, Anthony Marr, flew to Kansas to lead a funeral motorcade through Shawnee Mission Park. Miller took Marr to the JoCo Parks and Rec administration building, where Meadors has an office, in the hope that county officials would meet with Marr about non-lethal means of dealing with the deer overpopulation. “Meadors wasn’t even there,” Miller says. “There were no incidents. We had a cordial conversation with the parks police officer in the lobby.”

source: http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=199165706&blogID=526789809


4 Responses to “Jason Miller arrested, support needed.”

  1. Margaret Ross Says:

    On what grounds was Jason arrested? He wasn’t so much as soliciting as far as I can see. Because he and Anthony are known animal rights activists they are treated like terrorists? What did Jason do that was not peaceful and courteous? Hunters are powerful lobbyists. I’d like to remind them that the so-called overpopulation of their prey is created by them and for them. The secret is out folks. Hunters have set off imbalanced ecosystems the world over by first murdering all the prey animals, i.e. the continual slaughter of wolves, an animal that has never once attacked a human
    and from which all dogs descend. I would guess that Anthony wanted to discuss the option of birth control for deer in areas where they have no natural prey, etc. He and Jason knew the ears would be deaf and doors would be slammed shut. Great American blood sport must be preserved eh? Bye bye 1st Amendment. Regular humans are so pathetic.
    I’d really like to know more about this injustice and hunters’ little canned hunting parks, funded with taxpayers’ hard earned dollars, along with the dirty money…shame on you. I really do believe in the tiny-pecker/hunting mentality. Good ol’ boys need the 12 Step Program to Recover from Animal Use, Exploitation, and Destruction, see here: http://www.all-creatures.org/articles/act-arstrategy.html

  2. nissa503 Says:

    march 4,2011
    i can’t find jason.
    where is he?
    stuffed in the back of a redneck’s truck?
    locked in a cell?

    anyone know? clue me in? please.

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