Activist wins the right to protest

AN animal rights activist jailed for his part in a terror campaign against companies connected to Huntington Life Sciences (HLS) has had his lifetime ban on protesting overturned.

The case was described by QC, James Wood, as a matter of the “constitutional” right to “protest and participate in free debate”.

Gavin Medd-Hall, 46, of Selwood Road, Croydon, compiled information on targets whose details were posted on the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) website – including a Cambridge businessman.

They were later targeted by “fanatics” who caused over £12 million damage to victims’ homes and businesses during the six-year reign of terror.

Medd-Hall was jailed for eight years at Winchester Crown Court on July 30 last year for conspiracy to blackmail. He was also handed an indefinite Asbo, as were three others, banning them from taking part in any animal rights protest, or contributing to a website dedicated to such a protest for the rest of their lives.

On Friday, all four challenged the Asbos before Lord Justice Elias, Mr Justice Griffith Williams and Judge Elgan Edwards, sitting at London’s Criminal Appeal Court, claiming they flew in the face of both their Human Rights and rights of peaceful protest under domestic law.

Lord Justice Elias upheld the cases against the other three but allowed the appeal of Medd-Hall, saying: “In his case it was not necessary to impose such an order. He doesn’t fall into the same fanatical category as the others.”



One Response to “Activist wins the right to protest”

  1. Good to see him get released

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