A Civil Action Against Moral Barbarians….

Above: Preview of a potential winter scene from Death Park, formerly known as Shawnee Mission Park

Journal Entry by Jason Miller


Today Jason Miller and Bite Club of KC, acting pro se, filed a Temporary Restraining Order against Michael Meadors and the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District in the District Court of Johnson County to restrain “Defendants from carrying out a deer herd reduction in Shawnee Mission Park and adjacent park properties through the use of archers or by other lethal means.”

The Petition also stated, “Once presented with the facts, the Court will very likely grant a Permanent Injunction, prohibiting Michael Meadors and the Johnson County Parks and Recreation District from enabling the gratuitous slaughter of any additional deer in Shawnee Mission Park, or any public properties under their jurisdiction.”

The accompanying Affidavit cited 13 instances of unethical or illegal actions committed by the Defendants:

1. The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks admitted that suppressors are illegal, yet the Defendants used them in the initial sharpshooting phase of the deer herd reduction in Shawnee Mission Park. See exhibits 1 and 2.

2. The Defendants used spotlighting in the initial sharpshooting phase of the deer herd reduction in Shawnee Mission Park, despite spotlighting being illegal in the state of Kansas.

3. The Defendants willfully altered the deer kill log table and failed to complete it properly. This represents another violation of Kansas law. See exhibit 3

4. The Defendants authorized and carried out the sharpshooting phase of the cull despite having established no Johnson County Parks and Recreation District policy addressing sharpshooting.

5. The Defendants conducted a grossly inaccurate and potentially fraudulent secondary deer census that was skewed in such a way that the resulting deer population count necessitated archers to kill more deer in Shawnee Mission Park.

6. The Defendants willfully misled the public to believe that lethal deer management was the only viable way of managing the deer overpopulation problem in Shawnee Mission Park.

7. The deer overpopulation problem came about due to the Defendants’ gross negligence and mismanagement.

8. The Defendants severely abused their power by ignoring public commentary at their meetings that was overwhelmingly in favor of managing the deer overpopulation problem through nonlethal means.

9. The Defendants rejected implementing a viable, cost-effective, comprehensive nonlethal deer management plan on the premise that fencing approximately 300 deer in a 40-60 acre preserve was equivalent to trapping wildlife, a gross distortion of intellect and language.

10. The Defendants blatantly lied to me, a taxpaying member of the community they serve, in response to my question to them as to whether or not they were enlisting the services of Anthony DeNicola and White Buffalo, Inc. See exhibit 4

11. The Defendants have authorized archers to use cross-bows and broad-head arrows, despite Section 2.1.5 of the Johnson County Code of Regulations for the Park and Recreation District prohibiting both “within the boundaries of any District Facility.” See exhibit 5

12. Based on video evidence gathered from a similar sharp shoot supervised and conducted by Anthony DeNicola and White Buffalo, the 313 deer killed in Shawnee Mission Park in early November most likely suffered immensely, despite DeNicola’s claim that the shooting of the 313 deer was carried out in the “was carried out in the most humane way possible.” See exhibits 6 and 7

13. After having killed 313 deer with sharpshooters, which reduced the population significantly enough that nonlethal means to manage the remaining deer would be highly effective, the Defendants are now preparing to kill more deer via bow hunting, a demonstrably cruel and ineffective method of killing deer. See exhibits 8 and 9

Exhibit 6: http://www.kansascity.com/115/story/1579329.html

Exhibit 7:

Exhibit 8

Exhibit 9

Watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIjanhKqVC4 and go vegan. Do it for your health, for nonhuman animals and for the Earth!

To support or undertake animal rights and liberation activism in the Kansas City area, visit Bite Club of KC athttp://biteclubkc.wordpress.com/ and email us at willpowerful@hotmail.com.

source: http://biteclubkc.wordpress.com/2009/12/07/a-civil-action-against-moral-barbarians/


3 Responses to “A Civil Action Against Moral Barbarians….”

  1. wildlife bio Says:

    Did you know that deer cause 1 billion in damage to cars and crops each year? So assume hell freezes over and you get hunting to go away. What are you going to do to control the population? PZP ? Well that would cost billions; right now hunting generates money instead of costing it. Not to mention puts food on the table. Remember lawsuits work both ways by filing a suit Jason has opened the door for a possible counter suit or restraining order.

  2. Brian Birk Says:

    Jason, you’re and idiot and a publicity whore. People like you just love the spotlight. There are more worthy causes out there than this. I’d rather you put forth all your efforts to stop the chopping off of arms of children in Africa all so a woman can show off her diamond ring. What will it take to get you to support a worthy cause? Maybe you will get into an auto accident on your way to the doctor for a checkup on the Lyme disease you contracted at Shawnee Mission Park right after your insurance company cancels you for too many claims of hitting deer.

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