Kittens abused/mutilated to death, bodies laid before the mother

On the 11th within a Kunming Panlong District neighborhood, the four kittens of an adopted stray cat were abused to death. According to the family that adopted the stray cat, on the morning of the 11th when they heard the cat’s tragic cries, they rushed downstairs to discover this stray cat’s four kittens abused to death, and even placed in front of the mother cat. The kittens’ bodies were covered with bullet holes, with blood all over. One of the kittens had its neck tied with a rope and elongated, its chest cut open, heart exposed, while the other three kittens’ heads were stepped on. According to this journalist’s observation, the bullet holes on the kitten’s bodies were caused by a metal toy gun. It is reckoned that during the night of the 10th, someone used a toy gun to beat the kitten black and blue, so that it was unable to escape, before continuing to abuse/mutilate it to death, and intentionally put them beside the mother cat.

The KDS post did not include the year and month: 2006 April.

These NetEaseXinhua news articles includes some more information:

The poor mother cat kept licking the kittens, hoping it would revive the kittens. Crying, the women who adopted the cat were unable to speak, hoping that the cat abuser can be found.



155 Responses to “Kittens abused/mutilated to death, bodies laid before the mother”

  1. Scandalous!!! It’s a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate you!

    • HamzaMujezin12 Says:

      I have a little kitten 5 – 9 weeks old and it is very sick, there is a 45% chance she can die

  2. BONNEFOND Says:

    Pauvre maman chat!

  3. margaret mazlin Says:

    I sincerely hope they caught whoever did this. That poor mother, she looks totally confused. Animal abuse cannot be tolerated IT MUST BE STAMPED OUT…EVEN IF IT MEANS STAMPING ON THE ABUSERS.
    rip Little Kittens. xx

  4. denise ullrich Says:

    ich hoffe es gibt einen satan, der diese unmenschen zur rechenschaft zieht!!!

  5. Tricia Sevrin Holleman Says:

    What is wrong with people !?! I”m speechless.

  6. Tricia Sevrin Holleman Says:

    The only political correct thing I can say is that I wish there was a forensics team out there to find these useless human beings and have them punished to the full extent of the law.

  7. I only knew the one picture, now I found out the whole story, how she still grooms a kitten God forbid, poor woman, poor mu, poor kittens

  8. […] Maltratan, mutilan y matan a unos bebés gatitos frente a su madre […]

  9. maomi neko Says:

    T_T the mother cat still licked the bodies. may the poor kittens R.I.P.

  10. R. I. P. Babies

    As for the mother cat, my heart goes out to her…bless her

    As for the ‘arseoles’ that did this…may you ‘BURN IN HELL’


    • HamzaMujezin12 Says:



  12. You cannot leave a animal alone outside, there are too many cruel people that will harm them. I would never let my animal go outside without me!

  13. Dejan Jerinic Says:

    Whoever did this WILL NOT be prosecuted because in China this kind of crime is not against the low. In China there are no animal wellfare laws, so there is no law that prevents this kind of thing from happening. This tragedy is first of all shame of China. China as a Republic does nothing to prevent these type of crimes.

    • Actually Chinese people are starting to go against animal abuse. It’s likely in the future in China, they will stop doing what they are doing now.

  14. These people that did this should be tortured themselves – “Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord”

  15. Shocking! This is an act of cruelty beyond words!! This moment i can’t stop my tears, tears of anger and tears for the mum who must feel devastated. If only i could put my hands around the throats of the one(s) who did this……The SOB should be punished for capital crime.

  16. Mauricio Caceres Says:

    what´s wrong with people…? cant understand all of this

  17. I have one word to use and that’s “EVIL”

    My heart goes out to that poor mother cat, god only knows how she must feel.

    No animal deserves to treated or butchered like this by anyone. The human race is turning into a race of blood thirsty twisted monsters. People who inflict pain on other animals and people should have a taste of their own medicine.

    Not only that but these monsters should also be arrested and brought to Justice. (If there is any in this world)

    The W.P.F.S come’s across pictures of snakes being abused, sliced open and tortured far to often.

    W.P.F.S supports the efforts of CARMEN 4 THE PETS.

  18. Avril Simms Says:

    The sadists that committed this henious crime need to be caught ASAP .. they will not stop here !
    My heart goes out to the mother cat and to the lady who cared for them all ❤

    RIP kitty babies.

  19. Randa Kempf Says:

    That is just sickening…. who in their sick minds would do something horrific like that?! Right now I want to cry in pain for the dead kittens and the mother. I hope the mother is doing well and I hope the abuser is caught and be put through misery!

  20. Very sad story. Hope the mother cat is doing ok. I will never understand how people can do shit like this. No empathy, no conscience. I personally believe they have a genetic defect and must be removed from the rest of society for life. Otherwise, they’ll just keep commiting these unimaginable crimes. They can’t be rehabilitated.
    China is such a backwards country when it comes to animal rights. There are no animal welfare standards. No laws to stop people from doing this. Millions of cats and dogs are skinned alive every year for their fur. I’m sure there are good, decent people who respect animals in China. But these kinds of things happen too often. These assholes don’t even realize animals feel pain! Get with the 21st century China! It’s time to pass laws against animal cruelty and abuse.

    • Kayhla Turner Says:

      Gosh people have issues Poor kittens i feel for the mother its not fair what did they do to deserve this, their little souls taken away, Poor Baby kittens

  21. Is there a PETITION??? . . . Please POST!!!


  22. Barbie Cat Says:

    (OMG) I hope whomeva did this cruelty contracts a deadly Disease or are executed by terrorists or gets bit by a rabid animal and suffers till DEATH
    Burn in Hell Loser

  23. This is how it starts, first animal abuse, then it is NOT now they move on to a human…

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  25. I really like this blog. Please continue the great work. Regards!!!

  26. That’s a pretty quality post, i was scanning something related on another website not too long ago that essentially said the same thing although yours is better, plus its good to have some validation on seeing two resources agree.

  27. That’s pretty fucked up.

  28. steak clothes Says:

    china i am dissapoint

  29. let the kits rest in peace.i hope the person that did it sufer the way the kits did.

  30. i morn for them

  31. Lepidottero Says:

    Human beings are disgusting. What’s the point of that, really? Was that some kind of fun? Is something being gained from this? Grow the fuck up, please and thank you.

  32. It’s horrible cases like these that make me and many other people wish that they punish cruel people that commit such atrocious acts the same way they did in Babilonian times!!!
    Thrown them to hungry lions! An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth!

    I’d like to kill the monster that did this!

  33. mother cats who give birth to dead kits usually east them to revive their energy loss. MaYbe this is what happened? i really dont believe a human being would be so rude. and that one kitten looks eaten already

    • watch the cat’s expression!can you reed the pain in her eyes?

    • KATHLEEN Says:

      a human i am sure did this… mommy cat would do this to her babys and would never leave them laying around like this.

      this is a horrable act tha yes a human did this……i feel for the mommy and rest in peace baby kittens

      • Hoverfield Says:

        Are you friking serious? You seriously think a human couldn’t do something like this? OPEN YOUR FLIPPING EYES, LOOK AT THE CRIMES HUMANITY HAS COMMITTED OVER THE YEARS. You must be SERIOUSLY stupid and blind to believe humans don’t possess such cruelty. Wow.

    • Naive!
      Wake up!!!!!

    • Hydroxeniax Says:

      The kittens had Been alive before, and the mother was obviously mourning their death. I know it is hard to believe there are people evil enough to do this, but unfortunately there is.

  34. makayla christean Says:

    this is so horible!
    how could do such a thing to little kittens
    and that pore mama
    im crying so hard right now

  35. Lillian Says:

    OMFG! I am an animal lover. I have 2 cats of my own a dog 2 lizards and 2 fish. If my cat ever had kittens and this happen I would hunt the person down myself. These people who do this can burn in hell. What did these little kittens do to the abuser or should I say asshole?! There helpless, and as for the mother of the cats my heart goes out to you. R.I.P Little kitties. May the asshole get caught is all I have left to say.

    P.S Mother cat! I’m sorry that this happened to you. Your little babies are save in your ancestors arms. My heart goes out to you once again. 😥

  36. This makes me want to cry. Mother Nature eliminates creatures too weak to care for themselves…now this…this is just Mother Nature all twisted up and reformed…into murder.

  37. People like this deserve to feel the pain their victims felt before their final moments. These people should be punished.

  38. Why!!! Why, oh, why in the world would someone do that? It made me cry. The poor momma cat. And the poor kittens. I want to adopt a cat that has been abused because these sinless angels need a new life!!! And i would never say a bad word unless I’m under heavy medication (long story) but to ANYONE who would do that to a cat, DIE IN HELL!!!! I HOPE THAT THE DEVEL HIMSELF TAKES CARE OF YOU!!!….. i could go on forever

  39. CatLover Says:

    I’m crying right now. The poor mother cat was so confused! I hope who ever did this will pay. God please, punish whoever did this crime! If I could get me paws on this person’s throat, I’d rip the her or his throat out. I don’t care if I go to jail for ripping this person’s throat out, I’ll do anything to avenge the deaths of these innocent kittens! R.I.P kittens! How can people be so cruel to such innocent and helpless little kittens!? We should see how they’d like to have their own kids (if they have any) slaughtered and get their chest ripped open! GOD WILL PUNISH YOU! BURN IN HELL! Why couldn’t it be me instead of these kittens? Poor mother, poor woman! R.I.P. innocent little kittens!


    I will personaly beat up the abuser. I will dunk them in boil pot of oil and feed them to birds of prey! Poor kittens. Poor mother cat. I feel so bad for those cats. I hope that abuser burns in heck.

  41. animalabuserhater>:( Says:

    fuck those people who did that if I cought them I blow theyre brains out with a 12 gage

  42. Alex King Says:

    This sick fucking cunt needs to be caught and hung by his fucking nutsack. People like this should die!

  43. Iwillkill Says:


  44. i am so sorry for this that was horrible and i hope and pray they will find the persons that did this i am sure it was kids but then again you can never tell my sadness is with you love suzy

  45. Wichien Maat Says:

    whoever did that should get the same done to them, I could get into some summary justice if i saw someone doing that and even if it was kids, IMO they should at least be locked up for good, anyone who does such a sick thing is mentally and morally too far gone to ever be rehabilitated ; they are a danger not only to animals but to humans

  46. OMg thts so sad!!! I’m planning on breeding my lil girl kitten Zoe wen she grows up! nd im neva letting the kittens out!

  47. animal abuse hater Says:

    I HATE the person who did that! I hope they get the death sentece when they are caught and burn in hell when they die! STOP ANIMAL ABUSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. animal abuse hater Says:



    • lol i hate cats sooo um yeah i would definatly kill one. 😀

      • Kitty Lover Says:

        You are so mean! Why would you! Animal abuser! Just because you hate cats doesn’t mean you have to kill one or want to kill one! If you killed a cat, I would hunt you down and wring your neck. The poor mother cat was obviously devastated! If you had kids and someone came and killed them, wouldn’t you be sad? People like you make me disappointed in the human race.

      • You FUCKING ASSHOLE BITCH, you r sooo mean

      • Cool. But when you do, please bring me your kids if you have, because I hate kids… Then my fun begins…

    • Aww, that’s the sweetest thing if read about those kittens, it actually made me cry

  49. aniaml abuse hater Says:

    STOP ANIMAL ABUSE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN IT!!!!!!!!!!!! DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. animal abuse hater Says:

    if i ever see someone abuse an animial i’m gonna grab them by the throt until the animal is able to escape, punch and kick the abuser as hard as i can until the bleed or beg for mercy, then i’m goona show them both of my middle fingers and last i’m gonna call the police and have them arrested right away!

  51. animal abuse hater Says:


  52. animal abuse hater Says:

    who the heck would do such a thing to those poor kitens and their mother. i feel so bad for the mommy kitten!

  53. aniaml abuse hater Says:

    children who abuse animals or think aniaml abuse is funny should be abused by their parents


    ANIMAL ABUSE IS NOT FUNNY AT ALL! IT’S BS! STOP ANIMAL ABUSE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. hahahaha stop it it tickels it tickels hhahahaahahahahahah

  56. my friends hav a kitn it wud be hartbrokn bi seein dis picture ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….STOP ANIMAL AND CHILD ABUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Whoever did this is going to FUCKING pay! BIG time! MURDERER!!!!! Poor mama cat. KITTEH KILLERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *stabs a needle in voodoo doll*

  58. 3 of my cats died in between one month and to see this its so dame stupid that people would torture these inocent little kittens it makes me cry the bitches who did this are gonna pay big time

  59. i swear they will pay and what did the kittens do to the people that did that to them probly nothing ………… those damn jerks they was just babies and you have no right to do that shit anyways go to helllllllllllllllll dumb assses

  60. how would you feel if i did that to whoever did this how would you like it oh wait youd be dead if i did it to you so dont do it to animals cause you will get something bad in return so think about wat your bout to do ass holes ……………………………….

  61. how would you feel if i did that to whoever did this how would you like it oh wait youd be dead if i did it to you so dont do it to animals cause you will get something bad in return so think about wat your bout to do ass holes

  62. how would you feel if i did that to whoever did this how would you like it

    oh wait youd be dead if i did it to you so dont do it to animals cause you

    will get something bad in return so think about wat your bout to do ass holes

  63. animal lover aka macey Says:

    how would you fell if i did that to you bitch

  64. The same should be done the persons who did this

  65. Avery's Mom Says:

    Until the Chinese start placing value on animal life, things sadly will not change and those who did this horrific act will not be punished. China has the largest animal fur trade business and see cats and dogs as a commodity. Worse than that, what they did to the feral cats to “clean up” Beijing for the Olympics, was horrific. There are organizations where your voice can be heard. We need to put pressure on China to stop the animal cruelty – stop the cat and dog fur trade – make them accountable.

    As for those adorable kittens, may they be in animal heaven safe and sound. And for the mother cat, may she be well-taken care of by her adopters. Bless those beautiful kittens and cats.

    • Says:

      China has alot of respect for animal life. A similar instance such as this happened a bit ago with a woman crushing a kitten to death. China started up the Human Flesh Engine and found her within days. They humiliated her and made her flee the town, got her and the camera man fired. The Human Flesh Engine is something unique to Chinese citizens. tens of THOUSANDS search for anything they can find on a person, from name to their very blood type. Im sure if they had any idea who did it they would do the same in this instance. Its not like America is much better. just a couple months ago a man threw his dog off of the roof in NY.. This is sick.. it makes me loose my faith in humanity….

  66. I Am crying that poor mommy kitten people shouldt see this i hurts to much age restriction of 18 fucking hell how did that woman not hear the gun shots???????????????????????????????? I ask you ?????????
    Chna needs HELP!!!!!!!!!! They eat bats there was I was there a year ago thilthy wrong scary would rathetr get a hiding than see that CRAP

    • Kitty Lover Says:

      She probably didn’t hear the gun because it was a toy gun. Toy guns aren’t loud. But I agree with you. R.I.P. little kittens!

  67. samantha Says:

    what sick bassturd can do this to an animal i hope that fucker is put through all the shit it put those animals through

  68. awwwh pooor mommmy cat .
    whoever did this needs to die .

  69. I hope that woman knows that the kittens are now with God, and that I hope it will never happen to any stray animals.

  70. Kuteee kee bachhee ne maara hai !!!!

  71. Sabrina Says:

    i was sexually molested by a cat…

  72. we need to help all of these poor little kittys

  73. this is so sad!!! these people should get their heads squished and have their chests cut open! i hope these sick bastards die

  74. IsweartoGod Says:

    If there was a way to ensure that the culprit was apprehended and dealt with in a satisfactory manner, (satisfactory to ME), I WILL gladly pay to see it. Say…the equivalent to the average Annual income where this took place…any takers? According to what I read online, that would be about 65000 CNY (10,000 USD) for 2010-2011. Please advise. I’ve never been so serious about putting my money where my mouth is, in my life.

  75. 10,000 us dollars for cat killers? wow

  76. I feel absolutely sick to my stomach! you bastards! may you rot in hell and burn slowly! I hope that you get double the pain that you caused these poor little innocent kittens you sick F***! why dont you pick on someone capable of challeging you back you whimps! I HATE YOU!

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  79. AnimalAbuseHater Says:

    I hate animal abuse. People should seriously follow the Golden Rule. How would this mutilator like it if someone came to his house, shot all his kids, gutted them, and laid them in front of him, with him not knowing what to do? This makes me sick.

  80. Omg i crried : ( I HATE ANIMAL abuse.

  81. Hoverfield Says:

    Should have the abuser killed or their own children killed and laid out before them and see how they think of that. Urgh, people who do this are disgusting, why hurt an innocent thing that has never done anything to you? What, to prove you’re powerful? Grow up, people who do this are weak, disgusting individuals. It’s sad how commonplace this is, says something about humans.


  83. RoseRavenwood Says:

    I hope for nothing more than for the person or people who did this to first be strung up with barbed wire, dismembered and kept alive until they rot to death in screaming agony and madness. I have to wonder why these kittens were outside. But more I wonder what sort of sad little person could do this to such little angels. Poor mother and babies.

    Sick bastards get away with everything these days, with all the do gooders to help blame depravity on mental or family problems. Whatever. Ignorant limp dicks. More excuses for plain old evil. As though they’re even human to begin with, to look at something so harmless and cute and be able to cause it harm. How is that possible? See, I’ve no idea since I’m not a lowlife inbred. People like this will never amount to anything or anyone.

    Pathetic. If it weren’t so heartbreaking I would laugh at how pathetic they are, but I just sat here grinding my teeth and pondering these things. What a sick creep the killer is. I hope he meets a monster of his own very soon. He’s worse than a bully and I bet pisses himself when someone steps up to him.

    Dear useless moron killer, In prison they like abuse too.

    • I hope the same thing happens to those teens, bullets, guns, heads being stepped on, choking them with a rope, and ect. Now they see how that feels to them!!!! Plus, they were only BABIES!! who would do that

  84. lana lane Says:

    i hate whow did that the person how did that should die that way to that person is an @$$#($$! so nobody needs to mess with me my cat and my family if they like to kill innocent kittens that ugly little brute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$^&(#&

  85. animallover Says:

    nasty horrible bitches who ever did that i started crying when i saw that who would do such a inhumane thing like that its a disgrace to humantiy.

  86. Way cool! Some extremely valid points! I appreciate you penning this article and
    also the rest of the website is also very good.




    rest in peace kittens. love you ❤

  89. You can see the disbelief in her eyes. Very painful to look at the mother and see her in such distress. The first picture where she looks so happy with her kittens just makes it even harder to bare.

    One minute she is so happy with her kittens, full of love, then she steps out to find this horror before her. How her heart must have dropped. Such a poor soul, can’t express the sadness I feel for her.

    RIP. I sincerely hope the cat has since moved on and found peace, maybe even had a few more breeds and enjoyed the love of having kittens for a second or third time.

    • If there is is a place where animals go when they die, I hope the mother will see them when she passes away. ♡♡♡ R.I.P FOR ALL THE KITTENS.♡♡

  90. Donna Maria Baboolal Says:

    If I Caught those little Bastards who did this to these poor kittens, I would gut them open myself and slowly pour Hydrochloric Acid inside of them. What kind of mother gives Birth to Scum like them ?? Burn in Hell you Human Fucks !

  91. Fucking Asshole teenagers deserve to burn in hell!!! ;( ;(

  92. If you need any money to help find the people that did this I can help I would love to help because no one should treat anyone especially innocent animals that didn’t do anything like this.

  93. I hope the ones that did it get raped, tortured and their skin peeled off whilst their alive.

  94. I cried 😦 so evil.

  95. Kittens, there so adorable! Who the hell would do such a thing to such innocent little creatures, and it’s as much abuse to the mother as it is to the babies! I saw her face when she licked them, I hope she is safe because this is tragic and we NEED to stand for this! Who’s with me?

  96. This makes me mad. Who the hell do these people think they are? What makes them think they can do stuff like this to kittens, or any animal for that matter. Can they not understand that animals feel pain? If I could get my hands on the people who did this, they would be sorry.

  97. Lexalina Says:

    Those poor babies… Rip, kittens 😦 my heart goes out to the mother cat… No mother should have to go through this… I hope whoever did this is caught!


  99. PersonWhoIsVerySorry Says:

    That is the most horrible thing to happen and the mother cat thinking she can revive them is so sad. I hope they found the people who did this and put them in jail or something. Those poor kittens and poor mother cat.

  100. julia richardson Says:

    i pray Karma comes and gets these people right away and they get the same punishment they did to this innocent cat family.. how cruel.. the poor mother, look at her trying to revive her babies… I hate those people they serve no purpose on this earth,.

  101. Red Queen Says:

    I’m gonna go cry after killing these kids!!! *cries uncontrollably* but I don’t want to be the monster they have become!!! Terrible!!

  102. WHY. YOU TEENS ARE.MONSTERS *huggles and comforts mama cat* CRUEL!!!!

  103. I think my friend told me that the person that did it is in jail for 9 years and why would they do it to the mama cat i mean what did the kittens ever do to him

  104. That poor Cat, how could someone do that to those kittens, and that poor owner she is probably going to be upset, I send her Cat and Owner prayers and to those sweet kittens in heaven. I hope the Cat will be rejoined with her kittens.

  105. I’m speechless.. i cry when i found out the whole story..
    I sincerely hope whoever did this is burn in hell!!!
    Poor mother cat, poor kittens & poor women

  106. Hydroxeniax Says:

    Whoever did this deserves to be slowly tortured to death and then burn in hell for eternity.

    What I’d do to the monster who did this if I ever got my hands on them…

  107. Have the people who did this, been identified and punished? If not, I would love to hear who they are and where they live. Dr. Joseph Mengele is eager to pay them a visit. One last visit.

  108. Christy Walls Says:

    Whoever done the Kitten’s, The Mother Cat, & The Woman who adopted the Mother Cat like that, they should be be put in Prison! No Normal Human Being does stuff like that, they have to have some kind of problem’s to do that. It sickens me to see & read this. My heart goes out to the Mommy Cat and The Mommy who took care of the Mommy Cat.

  109. fuck you bitches hat done this to da kittens if i find out it is you i will fucken destroy you asshole

  110. Its hurts me😥 poor mommy cat and poor baby kittens😿 I hope that bastards be punished!!!!! i hate them😡 rest in peace sweet kittens😿❤️

  111. Does anyone know where to find the people who did it

  112. Justin Hearne Says:

    That’s good we have to many cats in the world

  113. I don’t even have words to describe how incredibly cruel this is. Why is there so much hate for cats!

  114. Sholesueme Says:

    Wow. Shouldve killed the mother cat too. What a pity they didnt.

    • Do you mean that because you don’t want the mom to suffer because her children were killed, or because you don’t like cats?

  115. They’re not humans. They’re beasts. That is disgusting. Why don’t you do that with your own family first? You heartless.

  116. Findlay Robertson Says:

    Sometimes I’m ashamed to be a human.
    I wish our species was extinct.

  117. Go fuck yourself whoever did this. That poor mother cat, trying to make her cats come alive again! WHO THE HELL WOULD BE SUCH A FUCKING ASSHOLE?!

  118. My heart goes out to the owner and to the mother of the kittens. I hope the abuser will be found.

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