i can’t even smile to the people who eat animals

I’m vegan.I’m not e.t.!I’m a normal one who decided that animals are not living on this planet to serve us,but to share the infinite beauty of the Earth with us.

i still wonder how can the other ones eat them and call themself animal activists…they love cats and dogs,but all the other animals are another class:FOOD!

Someone says that can’t  see this kind of images,but i think they just don’t want to see the realty of the farm factory:

This is very disturbing.I know.But this is the truth about breeding “food”animals.they go castrated and the hornes get cut without any anesthesia.

They get a mark…

and when they are big enaugh to be slaughtered,they all together go for a long trip:

with this result…

Who is strong and survive to that,doesn’t get better after:slaughter house:THE FEAR!


and a real man cuts them in pices…

If being vegan is strange,i wonder how accepting all this there isn’t…

I prefer to see happy cows!

and be happy and strange myself!GO VEGAN!


5 Responses to “i can’t even smile to the people who eat animals”

  1. I am also a vegetarian and I strongly oppose such acts of cruelty. The pics are very disturbing. Poor cows 😦 May their Soul Rest in Peace!

  2. yawn… the fact that you’ve claimed this to be the “truth” of what goes on in abbatoirs simply shows nothing but your squeamishness and ignorance, first, they never tried to hide anything, it’s not a pretty business, but that’s the way it is. how else did you think animals were killed before you “discovered” these images? they grow on flowers readily packaged in cling film? plus wake up already, animals are not on the planet to serve us, nor they are here to share the beauty of the planet, they are here because they survived as species, that’s it, that’s the only reason why any living thing is around. the level of naive display on this website makes me sick, I’d rather watch videos of animals being slaughtered than reading words from someone who’d rather live in rainbows and marshmallow castles.

    • sleepy you are a perfect unsensitive average lowlife idiot.
      i hope you will go one day through what these poor animals did.

  3. sleepy fuck you

  4. sleepy dont worry if you keep eating them you’ll die soon and sick worst than them

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