A Bull Burns Again in Medinaceli

On the second Saturday of November each year  they  beat a bull in Medina, a town of Soria (Castilla y Leon).

For about 23 hours, a group of village youths grabbed a bull in the name of tradition and with a rope twisted his neck to get secured on a wooden pole.

That was just the beginning of a long night for the animal. Then, as every year made use of a dubious value and exploit the animal can not move to approach him and placed two balls on the horns. The unfortunate turn bull, as every year, tried in vain to resist. Still no idea what would happen, but I expected the worst.

Just then, as every year, set fire to the balls and set fires around the animal. Just then released the Toro Jubilo on behalf of national celebration and writhing animal responded with eyes frightened and burned by  the flames and embers pieces that jump from the particular crown of thorns that the locals gave him .

The fire that broke out of his horns and face lit fires of hundreds of spectators, who burst of enthusiasm along with municipal officials, who are the politicians that give part of the municipal budget to pay that public torture an animal.

This happened again, as every year, despite the 7,000 signatures that the Party Animal Abuse Against Bullfighting (Pacman) presented Saturday at the records of the Junta de Castilla y León. These signatures come from citizens of 90 countries, disgusted by the celebration of joy in Medinaceli bull, the bull of fire that only survives in Castile and Leon.

The signatures that were collected in just three weeks, were delivered to the regional government territorial delegation in Soria, supported by 150 protesters who had come to the capital Castile and from Bilbao, Logroño, Madrid and Valladolid.

Exhibicionist Protesters at the gates of the regional headquarters several banners with slogans against animal abuse, including “Stop Bullfighting” and “Bullfight, national shame.


In the manifesto, PACMA struck how in the XXI century in Medinaceli burn an animal alive “like a heretic”.


please,sign the petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/firebull—stop-the-burning-of-live-bulls

source: http://www.publico.es/espana/269699/hoy/tortura/toro/medinaceli#comentarios


5 Responses to “A Bull Burns Again in Medinaceli”

  1. shame on these people for doing that to these bulls it’s no wonder bulls hate People The fire that broke out of his horns and face lit fires of hundreds of spectators, hahahahahaha they derserv of what the got if they were even part of it.

  2. carmen4thepets Says:

    i agree with you!plz sign the petition and shre it.may be we can stop it!!!

  3. Luke Thomas Says:

    Disgusting barbarians-I hope all of these mother fu**kers burn in HELL.

  4. To read this makes one very upset even angry . However i think such bad deeds have a way of turning back on the people involved in the killing of the unfortunate bull . GERRARD .

  5. Make the names of people behind this kind of criminal act against laws of European Union PUBLIC! Ans take photos of them, and make them public

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