Help Mother Nature Fight Back


We eat them,we wear them,we use them,we don’t care about them,we forget them,we ignore them,we …don’t understand them.

So why don’t we leave them alone?animals don’t need us!we humans are killing,exploiting,closing them in cages for life,using for fun our brothers without even having the courage to declair war to them!shame!


Every day we are killing the nature,piece by piece!the human population reached 6,700,000 beings and every day thousand of species of animals are extincting.and extinction is forever!!!

Mother nature will take her revenge!and we can’t stop her!11152_176895561526_104290676526_3059744_6698509_n

VEGAN is not just not eating meat,milk and eggs,not wearing fur or leather.vegan is FULL COUNCIOUSNESS,respect  and love for the planet and for all the living are not a vegan if you thrue plastic bags on the street,if you don’t care that the paper is coming from the trees,if you mind take a walk  and do not use the car  when you go to buy the newspaper.


help mother nature to fight back!


4 Responses to “Help Mother Nature Fight Back”

  1. Its sad, very sad 😦

  2. carmen4thepets Says:

    but is so true!!!

  3. 99.9% of all the animal species that have lived on this planet are now extinct .THINK ABOUT IT!!

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