Animal Liberation Front Bulletin Posted by Hiram Jin

Peter Young:

dog-researchToday at 12pm EST, will feature a debate between myself, and two vocal animal researchers. Dr. Ray Greek will also be joining us. The lineup:

* Dr. Ray Greek: Books include Sacred Cows & Golden Geese & The Human Cost of Experiments on Animals & What Will We Do If We Don’t Experiment on Animals? (

* Michael Conn: Author of “The Animal Research War”. Vivisector at Oregon Health & Science University

* Tom Holder: Started Pro-Tests a group supporting animal research.
* Peter Young: Animal rights activist, Animal Liberation Front supporter.

The producers describe the debate as a “discussion… to talk about animal testing in general- both sides…. the ethics of testing and also some of the violence that has been associated with that testing.”

To watch the discussion:

*Go to

*Click “CNN VIDEO”

*Click “Live on”

Wednesday, 12pm EST / 11am CST / 10am MT / 9am PST.


3 Responses to “Animal Liberation Front Bulletin Posted by Hiram Jin”

  1. love is the answer to all the dark side of human greed
    human need limits
    animals need protection

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