the death travel

Let’s turn our attention to the suffering of six million Animals annually transports more than eight hours across Europe, including Croatia. Painful journey animals often take several days, and trucks are on the borders for ten hours. Horrific statistics on the transport of animals, and the fact that the transport of animals completely unnecessary, unethical and cruel, demanding a clear commitment to full prohibition.

We invite you to a protest against the transportation of animals to be held on Saturday, 14.11.2009. In 11 hours.

image_1_4329 (1)

Video announcement protests

see a photo gallery from last year’s protests in

Gathering of protest parade is on Marshal Tito Square, in front of the CNT in 11 hours. The procession moves through the streets and Frankopan Ilice to Ban Jelacic Square, where they will be accomplished performance, and then continue to move down the street and bang Zrinjevac to King Tomislav Square, where the protest ends.

After the protest, all participants are invited to socialize in the office of the Association.

Join us in loud protest against the unimaginable cruelty that is happening on the roads, to build together the voice for the weak and disenfranchised.
It is important that we came in great number, so do not miss to come and try to take someone with you.

If you cannot come, forward this mail, and inform others about the suffering of animals during transports we can come together to ban the transport of animals.

PP presentation ‘knock the small heart ‘ see at, widgets ‘Road to death’ at, terrible statistics, and the film ‘Some die traveling’ at

Also, the campaign against the transport of animals can help and donations with a note: “Against the transport animals.


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