Death Park Deer Defenders Surrender? Never….

Our latest billboard opposing the Death Park Deer slaughter is positioned on I-670, just outside of downtown Kansas City, MO and receives over 50,000 views per day….

Journal Entry by Jason Miller


The slaughterers have annihilated 313 deer at Death Park, but the rest of the herd still needs us. JOCO and the Kansas Department of Wildlife intend to massacre even more innocent, semi-tame, sentient deer by unleashing empathy deficient bow hunters on the remainder of the herd. This despite the fact that they’ve already massacred so many deer that the biodiversity of the park will be restored. And Randy Knight once told me in a telephone conversation that biodiversity was the only true concern driving this slaughter.

We will be protesting at the entrance of Death Park this Saturday at 2PM. And again on Sunday. And there will be much more activism to follow to oppose the impending bow hunt……It’s never too late to do the right thing and implement Anthony Marr’s nonlethal deer management plan!

Watch the video at and go vegan. Do it for your health, for nonhuman animals and for the Earth!image002 (2)

To support or undertake animal rights and liberation activism in the Kansas City area, visit Bite Club of KC at


2 Responses to “Death Park Deer Defenders Surrender? Never….”

  1. Ciao sono Abel & Nietzsche di Facebook..felice di trovarti anche qui! 🙂

  2. Get a Life People Says:

    This is a stupid post. It would be nice to see people who write publicly to be better informed and less idiotic. There was a problem with the deer in Shawnee Mission Park. The problem was called overpopulation due to a lack of predators. Dangerous to both the humans and the deer themselves. Grow up hippies and open your eyes

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